National Women Commission Gears Up Its Activities

National Women Commission Gears Up Its Activities

04 Oct, 2021

Kathmandu, Oct 4 : The National Women Commission (NWC) has stepped up its activities in the recent days. The constitutional body, established with the objective of protecting the rights and interests of women, has especially geared up its works after getting full shape since last December. 

It was without office-bearers since the last three years. The Chairperson and four Members of the Commission were appointed and it got full shape only in the Fiscal year 2020/21, nearly five years after it was made a constitutional body.    

The Commission has increased its activities like protection and promotion of women rights and interests, the on-site monitoring and addressing of violence against women following the appointment and installation of its office-bearers.    
It has been operating a toll-free helpline 'Call 1145' round the clock for addressing the complaints of women victims of violence. This has provided big succour to the women and children who are at risk of violence and abuse, NWC Chairperson Kamala Parajuli said.   

Arrangements have been made for operating this helpline service through the government budget and human resources from the Fiscal Year 2021/22. Before this, the service was run with the support of the donor agencies.    

A total of 1,570 complaints related to gender-based violence have been registered with the Commission in the Fiscal Year 2020/21. Of these complaints, 1,352 (86 per cent) complaints are related with domestic violence while 218 (14 per cent) are related with VAW.    

It is said out of the total complaints 900 complaints have been cleared. The highest number (54 per cent) of cases registered at the commission is of the people of the 26 to 40 years age group.    

Among the incidents of VAW registered, most are related to mental torture, physical assault and beating, economic torture and character assassination respectively.    

Policy and legal framework as the National Women Commission Regulations, 2078 BS, the National Women Commission Operation of Meeting Work Procedures, 2078 BS, and the National Women Commission Internal Management Guidelines, 2078 BS have been approved and implemented for operating the Commission's daily works in a systematic manner.    

Likewise, a code of conduct for the Commission's office-bearers and employees has been approved and implemented. RSS