Structures To Be Removed From Public Land

Structures To Be Removed From Public Land

 10 Jan, 2022

By Amar Raj Naharki Rising Nepal 

Tanahun, Jan. 10: Houses and huts constructed in the public land of Byas Municipality in Tanahun are to be removed by the Municipality.

The Municipality has published a 15-day notice asking them to remove their houses. The decision was made to control the encroachment of the public land, the Municipality said.

According to Dilli Ram Sigdel, Administrative Officer of the Municipality, a meeting of the Executive Board of the Municipality led by Baikuntha Neupane, Mayor of the Municipality, on Thursday decided to remove all the houses and temporary huts that have been constructed in the public land aiming to conserve the public property.

"We have issued a public notice to remove the structures within 15 days. If they refuse it, we will use a dozer to demolish them," said Sigdel. He also informed that a public notice was issued for the demolition of the houses after the construction was not stopped even after asking them not to do so.

The Municipality has stated that the notice has been issued to stop encroachment as the local government has the right to protect, prevent and control encroachment of public property.
According to Amrit KC, chief engineer of the house map branch of the Municipality, the information was issued as there was a competition for encroachment in Dangre Kholsi located in Ward No. 2 of the Municipality and complaints were received as encroachment was increasing in other places.

So far, 59 houses and pavilions have been constructed against regulations and 15 have been found to have completely encroached, said KC.