Bridge Construction In Baglung Shortens Travel Time

Bridge Construction In Baglung Shortens Travel Time

  24 Aug, 2021

Kathmandu, Aug. 24: The construction of a suspension bridge over the Dobilla River in Kathekhola Rural Municipality-8, in Baglung district, linking Lekhani of Pidalna with Kadesh has shortened one hour’s journey to five minutes.

Prior to the construction, it took an hour for locals travelling from Lekhani to Kadesh as they had to navigate through Lekhani, Bhumichaur and Dobillakhola.

The 359-metre-long bridge is built by Gandaki province government at a cost of Rs. 29.1 million.

Chitrakala Srish, chairman of the ward, said that the one-hour-long distance had now been shortened to five minutes after the bridge construction. “From now on, we neither have to waste time nor take a risky journey through riverside to travel to and from the two villages,” she said.

According to her, it used to be a herculean task to cross the river during the rainy season, but that has now become a thing of the past.

Gauchan, the contractor company that constructed the bridge, said that the bridge project suffered delay after the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent nationwide lockdown.

Gauchan added that the construction of the bridge had been completed now and that the locals and students of Kadesh and Lekhani who used to suffer a lot during the rainy season now can easily travel to attend their schools and colleges.
Mamata BK, a student, said that the bridge would provide a big relief to the students like her. Rising Nepal