12 Cholera cases confirmed in Kathmandu Valley

12 Cholera cases confirmed in Kathmandu Valley
 Mon, 27 June 2022

 Kathmandu, June 27:  Twelve people in the Kathmandu Valley are confirmed to have contracted cholera, according to the Department of Health Services (DHS).  
The DHS Director-General Dr Dipendra Raman Singh shared this information in today's meeting of the Education and Health Committee under the House of Representatives. 

Of the infected, eight were discharged from the hospital after recovery, and four are still receiving treatment, he said.    

The first cases of infectious disease in the Valley were reported on June 19.

The two infected aged 18 and 23, who were living at Bagbazaar, were admitted to the Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital in Teku on June 16. They were later confirmed contracting the disease at the hospital.  (RSS)