Team Searching Banke Man-Eater Tiger

Team Searching Banke Man-Eater Tiger

 12 Jan, 2022

By Siraj Khan Rising Nepal

Nepalgunj, Jan. 12: A technical team from Sauraha in Chitwan has reached Raptisonari, an area where the tigers are prowling, terrorizing the people in Raptipari of Banke every day.

A three-member technical team led by Amir Sadaula, senior technician of the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NRNC), has reached Fattepur in Raptisonari and started searching for the man-eater, said Dadhi Lal Kandel, chief of Division One Office in Banke.

He said that the team reached the forest area on Tuesday morning and returned to Fattepur after conducting the first phase of the survey.

According to Kandel, the technical team is planning to surround the tiger and take control by means of darting.
A camp has been set up at the Maimanpur Sub-Divisional Forest Office in Raptisonari and the technical team is working to control the tigers.

The technical team will be assisted by staff from Division Forest Office and Banke National Parks Office, Armed Forest Guard and Nepal Army.

The Park has been mobilizing staff and security personnel including two elephants in the Raptipari area for the past four days to monitor the tigers.

As the place where the tiger is terrorizing falls under the national and community forest area, so the staff of the Division Forest Office in Banke have also been mobilized.

Locals had pleaded to control the tiger after it started killing people one by one.

Locals of Raptipari have become extremely scared after a tiger killed two women in Raptisonari in two days. Chandani Tharu, 29, of Fattepur in Raptisonari died in a tiger attack on Saturday. Earlier, 53-year-old Lila Bista of Raptisonari-4 Parsona was killed in a similar attack. They were killed by a tiger while in forest to collect.

Including this, four people have been killed by the tiger in Banke within three months.